Blackjack Gambling – Show some skill and feel the thrill!

Gambling is much more than a fun activity that allows you to invest some money and be entertained for some time in return. Gambling is a risk-taking activity that allows you to win big if you are good at it. Gamblers all around the world have recognised the potential of online gambling and therefore thousands of players are regularly trying their luck or testing their skills at reputable casino sites. There are many different types of real money casino games that can be played online; nevertheless, one of the most attractive games to those who want to try strategies and different variations of the same game is blackjack. Blackjack is a typical card game that can be played with one or, most commonly, more decks of cards. Gamblers can find numerous blackjack variants at online gambling sites that feature rule variations which make each and every blackjack variation special in its own way.


What are the Basic Blackjack Rules?

The fact that there are different blackjack games with many rule variations makes it hard to state the basic blackjack rules without knowing about which variant the text is about. Nevertheless, there are some things that can apply to most of the blackjack games. For example, each blackjack game is played with at least one or maximum eight decks of 52 cards. Blackjack is considered to be a hand consisting of an Ace and any ten point card; this hand is usually the strongest one. Furthermore, regardless of the variant, the gambler is asked to place an initial bet and then he receives two cards, just like the dealer does. Most blackjack games deal two face-down cards to the player and one face-down plus one face-up to the dealer. However, this can vary depending on the variant. Here is some other crucial information connected to online blackjack:

  • Hit, stand, double or split – these are the actions offered to players on any blackjack variant. However, some rules may limit these actions. For example, some games won’t allow doubling after splitting or doubling on particular hands.
  • Dealer stands on soft 17 – this is a typical blackjack rule that requires the dealer to stand on a soft 17. However, it has to be pointed out that some variations of the game do not feature this rule and hence they have a higher house edge.
  • Bust – any hand whose point count is over 21 is considered to be bust. Whoever goes bust first loses the game.
  • Side bets – despite placing an initial bet, which is a must, many blackjack games offer the chance for gamblers to place side bets. These side bets can be insurance, perfect pairs and etc. The accepted side bets depend solely on the blackjack variant you have chosen.


What Blackjack Variants can be found at Online Casinos?

Depending on the chosen online casino operator, gamblers can find a good deal of different blackjack games. Nevertheless, there are some titles that are seen more commonly than others. These are the blackjack games that are usually featured at top online gambling sites:

  • Classic Blackjack – this game is played under the basic rules including dealer stands on soft 17 and gamblers can hit split Aces.
  • Blackjack Surrender – this blackjack variant features the surrender rule which allows gamblers to surrender and keep half of their initial bet.
  • Pontoon – the thing that makes this game special is its unusual name. Otherwise, it is usually played with eight decks and doesn’t feature any special rules.
  • Spanish 21 – Spanish 21 is played with Spanish decks. These are in fact regular decks, but without the 10 cards.
  • Blackjack Switch – just like the name suggests, this variation makes it possible for gamblers to switch the top cards of their two different hands in order to form better combinations.
  • Blackjack Perfect Pairs – those who will play this game will be able to place the perfect pairs side bet and get a juicy reward if they win.
  • Multi-hand Blackjack – multi-hand blackjack gives gamblers a chance to play several different hands at once.



Where to Play High Quality Blackjack Games?

Those who want to try gambling at blackjack tables should first join a reputable and well established casino. We have two recommendations for online gambling sites that hold licences and are audited on regular basis. Plus, both of these online casinos are powered by powerful software that provides sleek gaming and realistic gaming environment.

  • Spin Palace Casino – gamble at more than 40 different blackjack tables powered by industry leader Microgaming.
  • 888 Casino – enjoy a good deal of blackjack games that have high betting limits and are perfect for thrill seekers.