Is Online Gambling Legal – Everything you need to know about regulated online gambling!

Online gambling has managed to acquire quite an impressive fan base that includes people from all around the world. Since remote gambling was first presented to gamblers worldwide, there have been many discussions whether it should be allowed or not. However, the ultimate decision whether a country will approve iGaming is left to the government of the country. Therefore, the answer to the question “Is online gambling legal?” is much more complex than saying a simple “yes” or “no.” Some countries decided to allow their citizens to take part into online gambling activities such as casino gambling or gambling with binary options. Other countries, on the other hand, decided to ban this form of entertainment and make it illegal. Here is a short summary of online gambling in different parts of the world and what countries welcomed it with open arms.



Online Gambling In Europe

Since the European Continent is a home to many countries, it cannot be generally said that online gambling is accepted or banned over there. Some countries such as the UK have completely regulated online gambling, whereas other countries such as Russia decided to completely forbid it.


Online gambling in the United Kingdom is legal and widely spread. UK citizens are allowed to gamble online as long as they join sites that hold the reputable British gambling licence. The authority assigned to regulate remote gambling in the United Kingdom is the UK Gambling Commission and this authority approves gambling sites for a licence to serve UK gamblers as well. Since the UK gambling licence was presented, operators have to meet really high standards in order to be approved for operating on UK’s territory. As a result, gambling at UK licensed sites is always 100% safe and fair.

Other European Countries

This is the situation in several other European countries when it comes to online gambling:

  • Germany – Gambling laws in Germany are quite complex and they have changed a lot during the past several years. In 2012 the country introduced new laws that allowed private companies to offer some online gambling services to Germans. However, that law wasn’t implemented in the Schieswig-Holstein state since it passed its own gambling bill that is much more liberal.
  • France – In 2009 the government of France decided that it was a smart move to regulate online gambling, instead of banning 25,000 sites that offer such services to French gamblers. However, only three forms of online gambling have been approved and those are sports betting, horse racing and poker.
  • Italy – Italy can be considered a pioneer when it comes to online gambling in Europe. The country approved sports betting back in 2006, whereas in 2011 the government passed a law allowing companies to provide poker and casino gambling to Italians as well.



Remote Gambling in the United States

Even though the United States is usually the first country to introduce and accept new trends in the world, unfortunately that cannot be said when it comes to online gambling. Currently, only three US states – New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware – have allowed online gambling on their territory. However, Nevada for now offers online poker only, whereas citizens of New Jersey and Delaware can enjoy casino games as well.


iGaming in Australia and Canada

Australia and Canada both have quite interesting laws concerning online gambling. Australia doesn’t forbid its citizens to gamble online, but it does prohibit online gambling operators to offer their services to Australian players. However, sports betting is completely legal in the country. Canada, on the other hand, doesn’t have a law that prohibits online gambling. Nevertheless, it is illegal to gamble at establishments that are neither owned nor regulated by a provincial government.


Online Gambling in South Africa

Since 2004, all forms of online gambling such as casino gambling were banned from South Africa. However, online gaming bills have been constantly introduced in the country and it is expected online gambling to be soon legalised within its borders.


What are the Best Regulated Online Gambling Sites?

Joining gambling sites that are not regulated and licensed is not only illegal, but also unsafe. Therefore, high rollers should always stick to well established sites, especially because they deposit and gamble with huge amounts of money. All four online gambling destinations listed below have many years of experience, hold at least one gambling licence and fight underage gambling. Hence, high rollers can expect impeccable service, responsible approach and guaranteed payouts. Here are our top four sites for gambling with binary options or gambling with casino games:

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